"Best place in Scotland for a Haircut" - Harper's Bazaar




Without question a great haircut can give a boost to your confidence and self-esteem. With a combined experience spanning more than 150 years our team knows how to deliver super cutting techniques - and in turn a first-class restyle.

We love when clients come for a major transformation, committed to achieving a change of style.

Never underestimate just how much of a difference a great, new haircut can make.
Clients walk out of the salon, heads held high and are full of renewed confidence and self-esteem.

Sometimes we’ll see clients who are basically in a rut with their style. A rut develops and sometimes we’re in it without realising! It just happens.

But again as with colour, a style that suited us a decade ago may not be working quite as well today. So a change is needed.

We always say nothing can beat a good cut – well thought out with face and head shapes taken into account.

The difference it can make not only in terms of changing appearance but also in terms of making someone look younger and best of all feeling so much better about themselves.
Whenever considering a new style don’t be shy about taking in a photo – it’s so easy now to do so on your phone. Share your image desire with the stylist.

While you may not get an exact mirror image of a Kylie, Kate, Ariana or a Meghan look, you should get a style that suits your head and face shapes and enhances your appearance.
In terms of longevity of your new cut – that can vary from individual to individual and of course how quickly your hair grows.

The key to a good cut is how well the client can manage it when they’re not in the salon.
Ask your stylist to give you some advice on how best to care for it – and ask for some tips on blow-drying it so you can achieve the “salon look” for as long as possible.