"Best place in Scotland for a Haircut" - Harper's Bazaar


At Taylor Ferguson, our beauty team headed up by chief beauty therapist and make-up artist Leanne Johnston is the best in the business and as well as looking after our salon clients has been commissioned to work with some of the top media publications in the UK.

Leanne and the team have also looked after the beauty needs of top celebrities, including supermodel Penny Lancaster for the Ultimo fashion show, pop star Jennifer Ellison for a newspaper photoshoot and TV presenter Jenni Powell. Our work has regularly appeared on the pages of newspapers and magazines throughout the country.

A luxurious suite of rooms and rest area await our beauty clients where we offer an extensive range of treatments including facials, massages, cellulite remedies, manicures, pedicures and make-up sessions.

Are you fed up with your make-up selection? We offer clients an intensive make-up lesson during which we give them professional guidance on what to use and how best to use our selection to achieve the best look.

We offer the Crazy Tanning tan product range, the safe, quick way to have a fabulous sun-kissed look with its main advantages being:

  • The quick - full body can be done in 15 minutes and dries instantly smell-free.
  • Your tan comes through in just 1-3 hours (as opposed to the 8 hours/overnight norm) ...so you could have it done before going to work, shower at lunchtime and be ready to go out partying in the evening. Equally, do it at lunchtime and by the time you're getting ready to hit the town your tan will have emerged.