"Best place in Scotland for a Haircut" - Harper's Bazaar


Hair colouring is an art. And we believe that over the decades we've been in business we've mastered that art. Our training puts a huge emphasis on understanding the science of hair colour and the expertise required in delivering the best colouring work.

We pride ourselves in knowing that the clients we work with who are seeking a colour change are given the best advice available. We use the newest and latest techniques in applying colour to achieve the most natural looks.

Our colour product suppliers are what we consider to be the best in the industry. Many people visit the salon to ask for help after a home colouring session hasn't worked properly. We're always happy to advise.

No single head of hair on this planet is blessed by Mother Nature with a single colour on it. For many in-salon clients, we'll use more than one colour tone to achieve that natural appearance. We'll often use a selection of hair colouring techniques with a single client.

Our clients want their colour choice to look as natural as possible. We believe we deliver...