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"Best place in Scotland for a hair cut" - Harper's Bazaar

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Style Guide


A team of highly trained and experienced stylists and colourists are on hand to deliver the best of contemporary styles for women of all ages.
We believe the most important person in the styling process is you, the client. We need to know your expectations, your dreams and hopes for your new look.
We're more than happy if you bring a photo or a magazine cutting of a style you've seen and wish to emulate.
Our stylists will discuss what's best for your face-shape and if the desired style needs to be adapted to suit your hair.
We often hear clients saying - "Oh, a fringe? That won't suit me..."
We believe a fringe can suit anyone - IF it's cut properly and with the face shape taken into account.
The most important factor is discussion. We'll happily answer questions about your hair and styles - and as a result we achieve great results for our clients.
Your after-care at home is important too - so don't be afraid to ask your stylist for tips and advice on caring for your new style.


Today's man demands the best for his hair and personal grooming needs. The team at Taylor Ferguson are at the cutting edge of innovative men's grooming.
Whether it's a straightforward cut or a colour session with cut, our team is highly proficient at delivering the best for our clients.
Well-groomed hair, in our view, is the must-have male accessory.
If you've seen a look that appeals in a magazine or online then share it with us in the salon - and we'll discuss how best that look can work with your own face-shape and hair.
We follow the latest trendsetters and are current with our knowledge of the look that's happening.
Equally we work well with our band of loyal clients who've favour their own style and help them evolve that image over the years.

Photography by Taylor Ferguson and courtesy of Great Lengths.