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Taylor has landed a real-life namecheck in one of the year's top-selling novels.
His client writer and TV commentator Martel Maxwell penned her first novel called "Scandalous" and included a hairdresser character in the book who she's named after Taylor.
The book has been receiving rave reviews and has been named "top read" in a string of glossy magazines since its launch last month.
Martel explained the background to how Taylor earned his spot in the pages of the novel which delves into the world of celebrity scandal and gossip.
She said: "Towards the climax, near the end of my book, one of the main characters Lucy is gearing up for a grand event and she has to look her best because her ex will be there. I say Lucy 'had booked in with her favourite hairdresser Taylor.' And that's no coincidence because I adore Taylor Ferguson.
"I simply wouldn't have my hair cut anywhere else. I popped in for a blowdry on Saturday and on Monday I was on Sky News and it looked just as good. Magic!
"I'm incredibly fussy with hairdressers simply because I had a couple of not-so-great experiences when I was younger but I know I'm in safe hands with Taylor who listens and understands his clients so well. I had fun using a few real people in Scandalous.
"Even though it's a fictional story, it has to be realistic so if my other main character, Lucy's half sister Max who's a showbiz reporter, is at a glitzy party she'll look around the room adn spot Beyonce or Kate Moss. but if someone's actually part of a plot it has to be a fictional character - as you can't make stuff up about real people!
"I didn't consciously use names of friends but Max's love interest is called Luke and that was the name of my very first boyfriend. And when my friend Suzanne married a chap called Hartley Beames, well come on, it was too good not to use - so there's a Hartley the Ealr of Balmyle and Lady Bridget Beames!"
Taylor admitted he was "very chuffed" when he discovered Martel had named him in the book.
He said: "It's the first time I've been fictionalised! I love when Martel comes into the salon because she's always got some titbit of gossip and scandal from the showbiz world she moves in.
"I'm working my way through the book at the moment - and no doubt it will feel a bit strange - but nice - when I read my name in the context of the book's main character heading off to her hairdresser's!"

Photography by Taylor Ferguson and courtesy of Great Lengths.