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"Best place in Scotland for a hair cut" - Harper's Bazaar

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We're delighted to announce the salon has won through to the UK finals of the Great Lengths Awards which recognises the best of salons offering hair extensions services to clients.
We've worked with Great Lengths as a supplier for more than a decade and believe the product is the best in the industry.
We'll be represented at the UK Finals in London next month and all our extensionists are very excited about the awards.
Our entry in the Marketing Award focused on how we've worked with real-life clients to increase the profile of our quality work in the field of hair extensions.
Great Lengths UK managing director Philip Sharp said, "These Awards are a fantastic opportunity to raise the salons and stylists profile on both a local and national level. It positons them as leaders in their field and provides a unique opportunity to attract new Great Lengths clients who will travel many miles to track down the experts in the industry for this service.
"I am delighted with the response we have had for our first ever Great Lengths Awards, it was truly apparent that a huge amount of personal time had gone into this by many salon owners and stylists who are passionate about Great Lengths. I am proud that we have been able to offer these Awards this year as we really do now have a platform to reward the creative and commercial talents of those individuals who have made our business such a success story in the UK."

Photography by Taylor Ferguson and courtesy of Great Lengths.